Mapping the Startup Ecosystem in Colorado (and Beyond)




Startup Colorado is excited to be part of Startup Genome’s effort to map and connect the Startup Ecosystems in Colorado and across the world!


What is this?


An effort to build the most complete and accurate database of the world’s startup communities, present it in useful, beautiful ways and provide tools that community builders can use to gain visibility into what’s happening in their community and make better decisions about how to grow it.


Who’s this for?


  • Community builders focused on growing and connecting their local startup community.
  • First time entrepreneurs trying to get plugged in to their city’s startup scene.
  • Startups and investors trying to find talent, partners, and each other.
  • Economic researchers looking to better understand their city’s entrepreneurial landscape.

    How is this done?


    The team at Startup Genome has a multi-phase plan, but the core of the plan relies on members of startup communities contributing data about those communities to local “curators” (  The curators will vet the information for completeness, accuracy, and generally clean it up.  The data is then uploaded to the database where it is available for everyone.


    How can you get involved?


    Simple: upload information on your startup, accelerator, incubator, events, investment company, or anything else that is part of a vibrant startup community.  Visit to get started!


    Additionally, go to the Startup Genome Blog here ( for more ways to get involved (coding, visualization ideas, becoming a curator, and general comments).